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GBG Australia

GBG Australia is a specialist in applying non-destructive investigation techniques for a wide range of environmental and engineering applications. Employing engineers and geophysicists of considerable experience. GBG provides advanced subsurface solutions using a variety of non-destructive and geophysical techniques.


GBG Australia is a subsidiary of the GBG Group, a multi-national company specialising in the application of geophysical and advanced applied physics for precision investigations of geotechnical, environmental sites and engineered structures in UK and Europe since 1982. GBG has had a presence in Australia since 1993 originally through a joint venture with CMPS&F and GHD before becoming a standalone company in 2003, operating in three main areas of business; geotechnical and environmental investigations; non destructive investigation of structures.

GBG Australia is an independent provider of non destructive and shallow geophysical investigation services with applications ranging from the location of a single pre-stressing strand in a concrete slab to mine scale exploration geophysics. We cater to the needs of a diverse cliental ranging from the Government to Developers, Engineering Companies to Private Owners and major Mining Companies to the Academic community. We can provide tailored solutions to meet your particular subsurface investigation requirements.

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