Resistivity Surveys in UK (27/02/2009)

  • The wind farm is being constructed on a peat bog that was previously used as a pine plantation.
  • Getting to site was difficult enough without a foot of snow overnight!
  • Benjamin Wilkins using the Syscal Kid on a cold day in Scottland.
  • Spring came at last…and Robin Carey from the UK office has learned how to run a resistivity survey.
  • The lighthouse is situated on Orford Ness, Suffolk; an old WWII bomb testing range for the British Air Force
  • Some of the infrastructure left over from testing nuclear weapons at the start of the cold war.
  • Black Beacon’ used to disguise the first homing radio beacon for lost R.A.F. fighters durin g WWII.

GBG Australia recently went to assist the UK office with some resistivity surveys. Surveys to determine layering thickness will assist in planting a new wind farm near Edinburgh and moving a lighthouse to avoid land erosion.