Non-Destructive Condition Assessment of Cement lined pipes, QLD (Q1 2013).

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  • The 400MHz and the 200Mhz antenna being towed by a vehicle for the longitudinal lines.
  • The 400MHz antenna being pushed in the cart for the transverse lines.
  • The 200MHz antenna being pulled over the transverse lines.

GBG Australia undertook a Non-Destructive investigation to assess the condition of cement lined pipes at an airfield in Queensland. During the survey a 1.5GHz Antenna was used. The purpose for the survey was to supply accurate information on the conditions of pipes and determine whether they need replacement.

Figure 1: Pipe one (1) being uncovered.

Figure 2: Pipe two (2) being uncovered.

Figure 3: Pipe three (3) being uncovered.

Figure 4: Some pits used for surveying the pipes contained large amounts of water from leaking pipes.