GBG Australia Attended the Australian Cemeteries and Crematory Association (ACCA) in Adelaide in October 2012.

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GBG Group attended the 25th Annual Conference of the Australian Cemeteries and Crematory Association (ACCA), October 14-18th 2012. At the conference (held at the Hilton Hotel, Adelaide), GBG Australia & GBG Mapsí representative promoted the use of non-invasive techniques in the detection of graves. We raised the attention of the participating cemetery managers, to whom we explained the potential of different techniques. Examples from a number of surveys completed this year in cemeteries of NSW and Victoria (e. g. Newcastle, Mona Vale, Chinamenís Bend, Werribee, Truganina), using predominantly GPR, but also resistivity and magnetometry, were displayed at our stall.

Depending on the soil condition, there are a number of geophysical methods to successfully detect graves. These investigations can also determine empty plots in heritage and modern cemeteries. A further use is to analyse the subsurface for bedrock depth and hence give the location of further potential burial grounds. GBG Australia looks forward to continue providing cemetery management with a fast, reliable and non-destructive service to detect unmarked graves.